About Toronto Jazz Central

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Toronto Jazz Central is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization established with a mission to raise awareness of live jazz in the city and grow audiences for Toronto jazz locally, nationally and internationally.

The idea for Toronto Jazz Central was spawned in 2010 by a meeting at the Imperial Pub with a variety of stakeholders in the jazz community - musicians, presenters, venues, educators and fans. Through extensive consultations with these and other members of the jazz community, a group of volunteers from a range of disciplines has worked for the past several years to create a non-partisan way of showcasing the range and diversity of jazz in this city.

Spearheaded by Josh Grossman, a Toronto musician, administrator and Artistic Director for Toronto Downtown Jazz, Toronto Jazz Central exists to promote and advocate for Toronto’s thriving jazz community. The main component of Toronto Jazz Central is this website - with torontojazzcentral.com, music fans, whether from the area or visiting, will have a "one stop shop" for all things jazz in Toronto.

The goal is to make torontojazzcentral.com accessible and easy to use. Musicians and industry members can create basic profiles for free, and the general public can access the information on the site for free. However, as a membership-based organization, Toronto Jazz Central invites musicians, members of the public and others in the industry to become members for a small fee - musician and general public membership is $25 per year and industry membership $100 per year. Find out more about membership here.

What's next for Toronto Jazz Central? That's up to our members. Toronto Jazz Central activity is driven by feedback from the community. Future activity might include advertising campaigns; flyers and postering; advocacy at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government; and more. Want to get involved? Become a member today!

Toronto Jazz Central is supported by General, Musician and Industry members. Special thanks to our Founding Industry members for their generous startup support: Addo Records, Cornerstone Records, Dominion on Queen, Humber College Music, Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto, University of Toronto Jazz and York University.
Addo Records Cornerstone Records Dominion on Queen Humber College Music Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto U o T Jazzyork university